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TLC is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to serving the interests of the shipping community through education and representation in issues relating to the transportation of goods. Virtually anyone that is directly or indirectly involved in transportation, distribution, logistics, purchasing, shipping, risk management, insurance, cargo inspection and surveying, loss prevention, packaging, customer service, consulting and legal services can benefit from membership.

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41st Annual Conference - "Education for Transportation Professionals"

The Transportation & Logistics Council's 41st Annual Conference, "Education for Transportation Professionals," is coming up soon and will be held at the Doubletree Resort Hotel in Orlando, March 23-25, 2015.  Please be sure to register now!

Acclaimed as the best educational program in the industry, the sessions are presented by top experts and experienced practitioners who give you information and advice that you can take back and use in your every day business. The program includes General Sessions and Workshops touching on all modes of transportation and addressing a wide range of topics including loss prevention and mitigation of damages, contracts and risk management, the National Motor Freight Classification, new laws and regulations,shipping by air (parcel and air freight), reverse logistics, freight claims and a "meet the experts" session, as well as a transportation attorney panel where leading transportation attorneys will address current issues and recent court decisions.
In addition to a lineup of excellent speakers and panelists, the featured guest speaker at the Monday luncheon will be James L. Welch, CEO of YRC Worldwide. Tuesday's luncheon guest speaker will be Jack Van Steenburg, Chief Safety Officer and Assistant Administrator for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
Preceding the Conference will be four optional full-day seminars on Sunday, March 22nd: "Contracting for Transportation & Logistics", given by Raymond Selvaggio; "Freight Claims in Plain English", given by Gerard Smith, "Transportation, Logistics and the Law" given by Brent Primus; and a CCP Primer Class given by CCPAC.
Don't miss out on one of the best educational and networking opportunities in the transportation industry.  For more information and details about the Conference Program and Pre-conference Seminars click here.

Who should attend the conference?    
Shippers, receiver, vendors, suppliers, 3PLs, risk managers, contract administrators, brokers, carriers, attorneys - anyone responsible for supply chain integrity; negotiating or reviewing logistics contracts, RFP's or rate quotes; shipment security and prevention of cargo theft; resolving freight charge disputes; and processing or recovering loss or damage (OS&D) claims.
Who attends the conference?
To see who attends TLC's Annual conference click here
Don't just take our word for it, see what other people are saying:
"This conference is critical for anyone involved in the transportation industry"
"Excellent Conference! It's the only conference that covers all modes of transport and deals with current issues and court cases"
"A Valuable resource for shippers, carriers and intermediaries alike"
Registration fees - ONLY $695.00 for members and $795.00 for non-members. Separate registration fees apply to the optional Pre-Conference (full-day) Seminars. Click here for Registration information. 
Interested in Exhibiting?
The conference is an excellent opportunity for companies to show off their products and services to a select group of attendees representing shippers, carriers, intermediaries and related transportation services providers. Click here for Exhibitor Information.



The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration ("FMCSA") has proposed new rules tp increase the minium levels of bodily injury and property damage insurance for motors carriers along with other provisions (note that this does NOT affect cargo insurance)
Fair Play Act Targets Commercial Trucking Industry -  The misclassification of employees as independent contractors has been a focal point for the New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL).
FMCSA Proposes Rules on Coercion of Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers - Click here to read full article
FMCSA Website 


The Licensing and Insurance (L&I) home page is now at:

The Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) System is now at:

The Safety Measurement System (SMS) which shows a carrier's Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASIC scores) is now at:
As you may be aware, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (“FMCSA”) issued a notice in September regarding the implementation of provisions of the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (“MAP–21”) affecting brokers.
Imposter Theft - Can a Carrier be Liable? - Unfortunately, imposter thefts have become all too common, partly because it is all too easy for thieves to obtain information about high-value shipments and how to steal them from various sources: truck stops, load boards, rate quotes, websites, emails, insider tip, etc.
Cargo Liability of Mexican Motor Carriers - Many U.S. companies are doing business in Mexico and questions frequently arise about the liability of Mexican motor carriers for cargo loss or damage.
CARB Reefer Regulations to Become Effective January 1, 2013 - New California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations will become applicable to reefer-equipped trucks, tractor-trailers, shipping containers and railcars for the transport of perishable goods on California highways or railways that will impact brokers, forwarders, shippers, receivers, carriers and drivers.
How to File a Freight Claim for Loss or Damage - The Council's popular information booklet on "How to File a Freight Claim for Loss or Damage" has been completely revised and updated. You may wish to print it out separately and retain it as a handy reference.
Anti-Indemnity Clauses in Transportation Contracts - Many shippers have been including broad indemnity clauses in their transportation contracts. Recent legislation could make these clauses void or unenforceable.
The FMCSA's "5-Year Strategic Plan" - New Regulations? The FMCSA's "DRAFT -2011-2016 Strategic Plan", released on June 29th, has stirred up reactions and concerns among a number of shipper, carrier and intermediary organizations.
Those Pesky Shortages     "Shortages" are a perennial problem and it seems there is an epidemic, particularly small shortages in shipments of consumer goods to retailers. Many of these shortages are from sealed or "dropped" trailers, or shrink-wrapped pallets, and are not discovered or reported until after the truck driver leaves. . . .
Ocean Service Contracts & Service Agreements If you are an importer or exporter with a significant volume of ocean freight, you should definitely consider entering into a formal contract with the ocean carriers and/or NVOCC's that you deal with.
Broker out of Business?  Are trucking companies and/or their collection agencies seeking payment of freight invoices that you already paid to your broker?  Do you have to pay these charges . . . maybe?



Transportation & Logistics Q & A in Plain English - Book X

by George Carl Pezold and Raymond A. Selvaggio
Q&A in Plain English - Book X, is the tenth in this series of the Transportation  & Logistics Council's popular texts, and is a compilation of hundreds of the most recent questions submitted to the Council's “Q&A” forum and published in the TransDigest ...Read More..


Transportation & Logistics Q & A in Plain English - Book IX

by George Carl Pezold and Raymond A. Selvaggio

Book IX is the ninth in this series of the Council's popular reference materials. The new text is a compilation of recent questions submitted to the Council's "Q&A" forum by shippers, carriers and logistics professionals and published in the TransDigest, and is loaded with informative answers by George Carl Pezold and Raymond A. Selvaggio, two leading transportation attorneys more....


Q&A in Plain English Books IV, V & VI A Compilation on CD Disk

By George Carl Pezold and Raymond A. Selvaggio

“Q&A in Plain English – Books 4, 5 & 6” is a compilation of the fourth, fifth and sixth of the Council’s popular texts that were originally published in 2004 through 2007. Since these were about to go out of print, the Council decided to re-publish this valuable reference material in a single CD version. . . . read more. . . .


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Transportation & Logistics Q & A in Plain English - Book VIII

by George Carl Pezold and Raymond A. Selvaggio

This is the eighth in this series of the Council's popular texts that are based on hundreds of actual questions submitted to TLC's "Q & A" forum on the Internet, to the TLC HotLine and to the TransDigest by shippers, carriers and logistics professionals. The new text is loaded with informative answers by George Carl Pezold and Raymond A. Selvaggio, two leading transportation attorneys. . . . read more. . . .

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Shipping & Receiving in Plain English - A "Best Practices" Guide

By George Carl Pezold

Implementation of a "best practices" program, together with planning, good procedures, instruction and education of employees will help your company to avoid or mitigate many of the problems and conflicts over freight claims, freight charges, legal disputes, violation of laws or regulations and other matters that come up in the area of transportation and logistics and save money for your company. . . . read more. . . .

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Freight Claims in Plain English (4th Ed. 2009)

By George Carl Pezold and William J. Augello

Since its first publication in 1979, Freight Claims in Plain English has become "the Book" for transportation and logistics professionals throughout the country who are involved in claims for loss or damage in transit. It is used as a text for students of transportation, and as a reference for attorneys and paralegals involved in claim problems. . . . read more. . . .

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