Q & A in Plain English - Book X

Transportation & Logistics - Q & A in Plain English - Book X (2014)

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"Transportation & Logistics - Q&A in Plain English - Book X", by George Carl Pezold and Raymond A. Selvaggio, is the tenth in this series of the Transportation & Logistics Council's popular texts, and is a compilation of hundreds of the most recent questions submitted to the Council's “Q&A” forum and published in the TransDigest.

What is unique about this compilation of questions and answers is that the questions reflect the real problems that actually come up every day, and that the people actually doing the work - shippers, carriers, brokers, intermediaries and even truck drivers - need help with.

The answers range from simple advice to thorough explanations of the legal principles based on the authors' extensive experience in transportation law.

Transportation & Logistics - Q&A in Plain English is excellent resource of advice and knowledge about everyday problems in transportation and logistics, and a great training tool for anyone starting out in the transportation and logistics profession.
Between this new tenth edition and the previous ones, the authors have created a virtual encyclopedia of almost every conceivable question that can come up. You can't find this kind of information anywhere else.
Available now in soft cover (105 pages, with Table of Contents and Topical Index), or on searchable CD (with instructions on"How to Use this CD"). Price: Members $50; Non-Members $60 plus shipping and handling. To order, log on to www.TLCouncil.org or call (631) 549-8964.

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