Transportation & Logistics - Q & A in Plain English - Book VIII (2010)

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by George Carl Pezold and Raymond A. Selvaggio

"Transportation & Logistics - Q&A in Plain English - Book VIII" is the eighth in this series of the Council's popular texts. Based on hundreds of actual questions submitted to the Council's "Q&A" forum, to the T&LC HotLine and to the TransDigest by shippers, carriers and logistics professionals, the new text is loaded with informative answers by George Carl Pezold and Raymond A. Selvaggio, two leading transportation attorneys. These are real questions, from business people with a wide range of day-to-day transportation and logistics problems, and the answers are clear, concise and to the point.

"Transportation & Logistics - Q&A in Plain English - Book VIII" is intended to be a useful deskbook, and a refresher and handy reference for experienced transportation and logistics professionals. It will also serve as an indispensable teaching aid for students and newcomers to the transportation and logistics field.

Here's what Readers have said about the earlier books in this series:

"Contains a wealth of practical information and advice..."

"A Gold Mine of great stuff..."

"It's like having your transportation attorney at your elbow..."

"Mandatory reading for our training program..."

Q&A Book VIII contains almost 200 new Questions & Answers and is available in print version (145 pages, soft cover) or on CD.

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