Transportation Arbitration Board, Inc.


Arbitration is similar to a judicial proceeding in that the arbitrator(s) take evidence, receive arguments, and issue a decision or award. Arbitration proceedings are generally less formal and not subject to the strict requirements of a court proceeding, and in many cases pleadings and evidence may be submitted in writing, thus avoiding actual appearances of witnesses and counsel. Arbitration may be binding or non-binding, depending on the agreement of the parties. If the arbitration is binding, the decision or award of the arbitrator(s) is enforceable as though it had been issued by a court of law.

Transportation Arbitration Board

560 Lexington Ave. 20th Fl.
New York City, NY 10022-6828
Contact: Wally C. Dammann, CCP, Administrator

Phone: (212) 230-2966
Fax: (212) 319-7061

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(A not-for-profit corporation, organized in 1974 through the joint sponsorship of the Transportation Consumer Protection Council, Inc. (now known as the Transportation & Logistics Council, Inc. (TLC)) and the National Freight Claim Council, Inc. (now known as TLP&SA). Best for smaller motor carrier loss and damage claims.)