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Transportation and Logistics Council
Virtual Fall Seminar

One of the lessons learned from this current crisis is the new found appreciation for the transportation industry and the supply chain and how vital this industry is to the country.  The Council and its Members have always known this. Now, the rest of the country and the world are opening their eyes to this reality.
Contracting for Transportation and Logistics Services -   November 10, 12, 17 & 19, 2020                                                      
The seminar will be in an interactive format allowing for interactions with the presenter and the other attendees.

Presented by Don Newell, Newell Enterprises, LLC 
The LTL trucking industry has been moving toward new pricing methodologies. The NMFC has reclassified hundreds of articles with density-based classifications. Major LTL carriers have instituted dimensional weight rating with cubic scanners. As a result, shippers are finding billing errors, reweighs, reclassifications and getting balance due bills. Panelists will discuss how these pricing methods work, their impact on freight rates and charges, and suggest procedures for avoiding problems.
November 4, 2020 1:00 - 2:00pm EST
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Sponsored by TranSolutions, LLC a subsidiary of MercuryGate


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47th Annual Conference at the Catamaran Resort Hotel & Spa, located  3999 Mission Blvd,
San Diego, CA 92109
April 19 -21, 2021

Pre-conference Seminars will be offered the Sunday before the conference April 18, 2021