Shipping & Receiving in Plain English - A "Best Practices" Guide

Shipping & Receiving in Plain English - A "Best Practices" Guide
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Implementation of a "best practices" program, together with planning, good procedures, instruction and education of employees will help your company to avoid or mitigate many of the problems and conflicts over freight claims, freight charges, legal disputes, violation of laws or regulations and other matters that come up in the area of transportation and logistics and save money for your company.

The author, George Carl Pezold, a leading transportation attorney, is also the Executive Director of the Transportation & Logistics Council and brings some 40 years of experience in representing and advising shippers, carriers, freight forwarders, brokers and other intermediaries.

"Shipping & Receiving in Plain English" is a "best practices" handbook for those involved in purchasing transportation and logistics services, contracting with carriers, forwarders, brokers and 3PL's, managing and supervising the shipping and receiving functions, and handling cargo claims. The author has essentially put together in one place all the things that you need to know when shipping or receiving goods, with tips and suggestions for "best practices" and references to other available information and resources. There are also a number of handy appendices with relevant statutes, regulations, forms, NMFC rules, lists of service providers and other valuable materials.

The Guide is an invaluable resource with a wealth of information about shipping and receiving procedures. It is equally useful as a primer for newcomers in the transportation and logistics area, as a refresher and guide for experienced professionals, and as a reference for developing in-house company policies and procedures.

Shipping & Receiving in Plain English - A "Best Practices" Guide consists of over 160 pages including table of contents and valuable appendices.

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